SQL-Ledger Accounting - About

SQL-Ledger is a double entry accounting system written in perl. Accounting data is stored in a SQL Server. Any text or GUI browser can be used for the display. The entire system is linked through a chart of accounts. Each item in inventory is linked to income, expense, inventory accounts and tax accounts. When you purchase and sell goods and services the accounts are automatically updated.

With the assembly feature you can build manufactured goods from parts, services and assemblies. When you sell assemblies all the accounts linked to the individual parts, services and assemblies are updated and the inventory is adjusted for the items. When you change an individual item all assemblies are updated automatically.

Invoices, Packing List, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Statements are generated from templates and can be changed to suit your needs. Templates are provided in html and tex format. The tex templates are processed with latex to produce professionally looking postscript and PDF documents on blank or preprinted forms.

Sales and Purchase orders are also a convenient way to create recurring invoices or to keep timesheets. Sales orders may be used in lieu of Quotations or work orders. Change the wording either internally or by adding an English to English translation and you have a new system.

Foreign currency transactions are automatically converted and exchangerate differences, gains and losses, if any, posted to the appropriate accounts.

AR, AP, GL reports can be customized and sorted to generate a great number of reports, aging reports show you what is outstanding at any given time, the tax report can be used to generate a list with taxable transaction for taxes collected and paid.

The GL report can be used to produce sales and purchase journals or ledgers of any kind. You can also drill down into each account and view / edit transaction from the entire system.

Language and data sources can be selected for each user. You can have a different language or a different set of books or use a different SQL server with one installation.

Access to menu items can be disabled to allow users access to certain sections or functions only. Disabled menu items are not shown on screen. Access control is linked to the menu structure and if new items are added they will be automatically included as well.

Audit control can be enabled for all transactions or up to a certain day. With audit control active, incorrect transactions must be reversed and posted anew.

SQL-Ledger can be customized globally and per login with external perl code. Code plugs in without any modifications to the main core.

The command line interface allows you to build and interface with other applications either in real time or by batching transactions. This makes it possible to interface with off-line remote applications or use with a POS with a completely different storage scheme.

SQL-Ledger is written in Perl, developed on FreeBSD, Linux with Netscape, Links, Lynx, Explorer, Galeon, Konqueror, Voyager (QNX), Apache for the display, and PostgreSQL, or Oracle to store accounting data.

SQL-Ledger runs straight out of the box on any *NIX, Mac and Windows platform.

Supported languages

  1. Brazilian Portuguese
  2. Catalan
  3. Czech
  4. Danish
  5. Dutch
  6. English
  7. Estonian
  8. Finnish
  9. French
  10. German
  11. Italian
  12. Norwegian
  13. Polish
  14. Portuguese
  15. Russian
  16. Spanish
  17. Swedish
  18. Simplified Chinese
  19. Traditional Chinese
  20. Turkish