SQL-Ledger Accounting - What's Ahead

Batch printing Batch invoices, orders, quotations and checks for later printing
Quotations module to prepare quotations and convert to sales orders or invoices.
Multiwarehousing Keep stock in multiple warehouses, move stock between warehouses, ship from any warehouse directly to customer and/or the warehouse which ordered the items.
Payroll dynamic system with enough flexibility to calculate deductions, commissions on a fixed or sliding scale, variable overtime rates and bonuses, director's fees, management fees, lump sum contracts
POS Stand-alone front-end with scanner and cash drawer support. Written in perl/Tk.
Bin Control hirarchical selection menu for bin locations. This can be used to describe a bin location, or a description of the product for organizing into categories.
Multiple Orders consolidate multiple orders into one
DB2 DB2 port, schema and triggers are in done.
Departments Split into departments. Change current setup to limit selections to a department code.
Tax changes allow changes in tax rates without adding a new account for the same tax.
Disassemble Purchase assemblies as a unit and disassemble into individual parts. This is a more convenient way to stock parts from wrecks. Keep a record on the individual item's cost to write it off as an expense when sold.
Custom Reports option to save customized reports.
Overpayments allow overpayments of invoices and add On Account payment option.
CSV / Excel Export reports to csv files for importing into spreadsheets. Option to generate excel spreadsheet.
Fund Accounting Fund/trust accounting. Automatically setup trust accounts for payments received in trust.
Supply-chain Link inventory to vendors and preferrend vendors. Automate orders and order items when needed and economical to order.
Rental Equipment and real estate rental.
Price matrices customizable price tables linked to groups, customers and vendors.
On account / credit on account / credit payment option.
Financial Reports Compare more than two periods at a time.
Flat tax Add option to enter a flat tax for such things as Environmental tax, tire tax, ...
Customer grouping group customers into groups to determine pricing levels.
Price calculation parse input field to calculate unit price.

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