SQL-Ledger Accounting - Contributors

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  • It's in your best interest.
  • If you want your work to become part of a widely used accounting program you send it in.

Tomás Pereira Spanish translation.
Alejandro Imass Human resource modules.
Arlei Osvaldo Nalesso Brazilian Portuguese templates.
Steve Forster Oracle 9i2 debugging.
Christoph Meier German translation.
Morten Pedersen Norwegian translation.
Jonny Swedish translation.
Alexander C.H. Lorenz German tex templates.
Ted Petit outstanding invoice summary and check printing.
Jeff Kowalczyk converted the 1.8.7 Pg-tables.sql (schema 1.8.5) to a syntax that creates the tables in Microsoft SQL server 2000.
Rick Price tested code on Oracle 9i.
Lauri Jesmin Estonian translation.
Jaume Teixi Catalan translation. Mac OS X 10.1.5
Aguibou KONE French translation.
Richard Lyons html formatting, tabbing order for customer entry screen.
Yvonne Einberger German chart of accounts according to SKR-03.
Markus Dahinden COA for Switzerland.
Gunter Ohrner German translation, COA for Germany.
Federico Montesino Pouzols Spanish translation.
Petri Leppänen Finnish translation.
Matthew Excell Tex templates for check printing.
Paul Tammes Dutch decimal equivalent chart of accounts. GIFI code input.
Wolfgang Sourdeau French tex templates.
Bill Ott schema and triggers for DB2.
Gordon Haverland Debian installation instructions.
LINET Services Latex template and code to produce invoices in PDF format.
Sergio A. Kessler additions for stylesheet.
Christopher Browne code for modularizing menus.
Alberto Ladron Spanish translation for Mexico. credit remaining calculation on invoice screen.
Christian Ullman Oracle 8 code, bug reports and testing.
Mufit Eribol Turkish translation.
Brian Cawthon DBI & DBD-Pg installation instructions for FreeBSD.
Peter Dabrowski Polish translation.
Antonio Gallardo Trial balance.
Steve VanDeBogart reported a division by zero error if a discount of 100% is used.
Reed White Invoice button on customer screen to create invoice from within Add or Edit customer screen. DBI/DBD installation instructions for SuSE 7.3
Autrijus Tang Simplified Chinese translation and chart of accounts.
Chien Hsin Chan Traditional Chinese translation and chart of accounts.
Luca Venturini Italian chart of accounts, templates and translation.
Paulo Rodrigues Portugese translation. Oracle code and testing.
Tomas Fencl Czech translation, chart of accounts and templates. Tomas added a taxbase to the invoices to show the amounts taxes are calculated on.
Oscar Buijten French chart of accounts, translation.
Dutch translation, templates.
John Christian Stoddart Spanish translation. Logo design.
AJ Hettema Dutch translation.
Jonas Smedegaard Danish translation.
Eugenio Segura Spanish translation.
Henrik Pettersson Swedish translation.
Steve Doerr set up the first demo site in Kansas City, Kansas.
Chan, Wai Kin Traditional Chinese translation.
Abdulla Hamad Arabic translation.
Martin Lillepuu Estonian translation, Win2K. Martin wrote the installation instruction for SQL-Ledger to work on MS Windows.
Jacky Fang Traditional Chinese (tw) translation. Wrote the installation instructions for a Redhat system. See the FAQ for more info.
Adrian Urquhart Bug reports, suggestions for expanding error reporting.
Andre Felipe Machado Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Keld Jřrn Simonsen Danish and Norwegian translations, chart of accounts and templates.
Sébastien Brassard French translation.
Ferdinand Gassauer KDE tester. He also provided a chart of accounts for Austria.
Maria Gabriela Fong Spanish translation.
Thomas Bayen added code for foreign language support and the German translation. Thomas' contribution got the translations going. Now SQL-Ledger is available in 20 languages and the list keeps on growing.
Thomas Good wrote an installation script for version 0.1 The first SQL-Ledger logo is based on his design. We changed it bit over time but you can still find his fingerprints on it.
Dieter Simader started SQL-Ledger in 1998 to keep track of receivables, payables, taxes and information about parts and contacts. The original code was more of an e-commerce setup and used to generate web pages, send fax quotations, keep track of about a million lineitem inventory and had some very specialized routines for foreign currency transactions. SL has since evolved into a double entry accounting package.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that your submission will be included in the core. Your work must fit into the overall concept of an accounting program, ERP, MRP solution. If it does not fit in with the core we may offer it as an addon application under the same GPL terms as the core.