SQL-Ledger Accounting - What's New

Dec. 5, 2002

  1. Version 2.0.0
  2. check and receipt printing, as usual this is template driven
  3. bank reconciliation, including foreign currency accounts
  4. statements, print from html or tex templates. Statements can be sent by email, viewed on screen, sent to a printer, print multiple statements in one batch
  5. beginning balances and running balances for ledgers
  6. shipping address to specify a different shipping address
  7. delivery date for each line item, required date if it is an order
  8. project number for each line item. Items are grouped together by projects on orders and invoices
  9. projects can also be used for AR, AP and GL transactions
  10. split transactions, assign multiple income / expense categories to a single transaction
  11. assemblies consisting of all service items are treated as a service item, sold assemblies no longer update inventory levels. These service assemblies are also excluded from the restocking function.
  12. order status, close orders and keep on file. Search includes filter for open and closed orders. Conversion to invoice automatically closes order and opens a backorder if required
  13. links for image, drawing and microfiche files
  14. backorders, automatically create backorder from unfilled/unshipped quantities.
  15. automatic assembly updates, if an item belonging to an assembly is changed, all assemblies are automatically updated
  16. bom flag, expand bill of material on an order or invoice
  17. print payments on invoices
  18. credit remaining calculation on ar transactions, invoices and sales orders
  19. employee links to who created a transaction, can be used for salesperson
  20. dropdown list limit for customers and vendors, if number of customers / vendors goes over this limit the dropdown lists switch to a freeform search
  21. receipt and payment report, list all your incoming and outgoing cash for each account or all payment accounts
  22. tax report can be run on a cash basies, this excludes all unpaid invoices and transactions from the tax calculation
  23. totals calculation for GL entries
  24. cc and bcc email addresses
  25. include message when sending out forms by email
  26. list individual items for assemblies on a report
  27. specify decimal places for income statement and balancesheet, rounding works in both directions, (+) more decimal places, (-) less decimal places, if a negative number is entered amounts will be rounded to nearest ten, hundred, thousand, etc
  28. search for check number or source
  29. split reports screens for parts, service and assemblies
  30. orphaned option to locate orphaned customers and vendors
  31. revised backup and restore procedure, will backup your own fields too
  32. pdf and postscript variable to include graphic files for latex forms
  33. printer output is now set to send pdf and postscript to the printer

Aug. 27, 2002

  1. Version 1.8.7
  2. added, hopefully the last workaround, for Apache 2.0
  3. added variable check to set tax to 0 if already included
  4. changed query to test for NULL so they will work on postgres 7.2

Aug. 23, 2002

  1. Version 1.8.6
  2. updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese, German, Estonian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Polish, Portuguese
  3. added a couple workarounds for Oracle 9i
  4. fixed tax difference on printed and saved order
  5. added option to resize frames
  6. stylesheet variable is now retained if another stylesheet is in use
  7. show returns on inventory reports
  8. added decimal variable to change decimal places for balance sheet and income statement

Aug. 5, 2002

  1. Version 1.8.5
  2. Tax reports for each tax.
  3. sort tables by multiple columns; this keeps transactions for the same date together.
  4. General chart of accounts and SKR-03 for Germany. COA and GIFI (Einheitskontenrahmen) for Austria and Switzerland (German edition)
  5. Backup and restore other tables and added columns which are usually not part of SQL-Ledger's table layout.
  6. GIFI (General Identifier for Financial Information). A cross-reference for official chart of accounts. Copy accounts to your COA. Can also be used to build customized chart of accounts from a master chart of accounts.
  7. Generate reports in accordance to GIFI. This information can be used to prepare a tax return. A GIFI account also serves as a consolidation account to group sub-ledgers into one ledger.
  8. new employee table to keep track of who adds transactions. This can be used by other utilities to calculate commissions or used for auditing purposes.
  9. Edit invoices from within aging reports.
  10. dynamic field resizing for long descriptions. This makes it easier to enter long descriptions.
  11. Recurring transactions. Post a transactions as a new transaction. Works across the board for AR, AP, GL, invoices and orders. Simply recall a transaction, change the date and other information and post as a new transaction. With this you can setup monthly depreciation transactions, recurring invoices, purchases ....
  12. Enter a message and a subject before sending out invoices and orders by email. Message is saved so you have a record of who the order or invoice was sent to and when. Multiple message may be kept on file. Invoice and orders can also be retrieved by searching through the message.
  13. Edit stylesheet from browser. Works the same as with templates.
  14. Exchangerates are now locked and may not be altered once you create a foreign currency transaction. Exchangerate table is kept in sync with transactions and removed if no longer required by any other transaction.
  15. Attach a note to AR and AP transactions. Display notes when listing transactions. Search through notes.
  16. Menulines are no longer wrapped if they are wider than the frame.
  17. Code was tested and adapted to Apache 2.0 (It is still a mystery why Apache 2.0 behaves in such a strange manner, i.e you can't pass "©" on a URL because it is transformed into ©).
  18. display credit limit and credit remaining on AR screen.
  19. added translation for Catalan.
  20. updated translations and templates for other languages.

July, 2002

  1. Article about SQL-Ledger in the Linux Magazin. It's in German.

May 16, 2020

  1. Version 1.8.4
  2. Audit Control. Force users to reverse transactions. Set for a date up to or all transactions.
  3. Software upgrades. Install over top, load the admin script and click on "{Driver} Database Administration" and upgrade the dataset. All previous versions starting from 1.6.0 will be automatically upgraded.
  4. recoded to use pdflatex instead of dvipdf to generate PDF forms. PDF now works with xpdf.
  5. revised backup to file to popup browser's save as window instead. With this you can now save the backup on a local drive rather than having the backup on the server.
  6. Backup by Email changed to send the backup as an attachment.
  7. added inline option to email html forms in the body of an email message.
  8. added input field to specify the number of copies to print.
  9. added logout function; this provides protection against the automatic password feature in MS Explorer forcing the user to login again.
  10. revised menu to generate the same menu for all frontends. Section of the menu may be collapsed to fit screen.
  11. custom menu can be used to add your own references to information.
  12. added make and model search to limit list of parts belonging to a make and/or model.
  13. added business number, searchable, it is widely used in stores and over the counter sales. Can also be used for a commerce number or tax excempt number.
  14. added Sales Order and Purchase Order button to customer and vendor screens to speed up data entry.
  15. added ID field option for all reports to print the ID of a transaction.
  16. new COA for Switzerland, Spain, Dutch general and Dutch standard
  17. updated translations for Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, German, French, Norwegian, Estonian, Polish, Czech, Italian

Mar. 11, 2002

  1. Version 1.8.3
  2. prices may be entered to any number of decimal places.
  3. revised tax calculation to calculate tax from base amount
  4. Credit Remaining calculation on invoices
  5. additional options for inventory reports
    fields for inventory reports may be specified, check for items bought and sold within a specified time period, check for orphaned and obsolete items, on hand and inventory short listings
  6. amount due field on AR and AP reports
  7. removed cell formatting so tables can be pasted into a spreadsheet
  8. new function to round numbers up and down
  9. Invoice button on Customer and Vendor screen to create an invoice
    this speeds up data entry because you don't have to go through the *Save Customer*, *Create Invoice* cycle.
  10. Postscript / PDF output (LaTeX must be installed for this to work)
    generate invoices, sales and purchase orders and packing list in postscript and pdf format from latex templates.
  11. preview forms on screen, send directly to the printer or send out by email as an attachment
  12. Chart of Accounts for Austria, Turkish translation, updated Danish, Norwegian and Spanish translations.

Jan. 24, 2002

  1. Version 1.8.2
  2. fixed AR and AP posting when payment date was the same as the invoice date
  3. multiple taxes are now properly shown when editing a transaction
  4. with European number formatting listprice, sellprice and exchangerate factors were not properly formatted if the amount was over 1000
  5. increased date fields to 11 characters, some Konqueror installations couldn't deal with a 10 character display and cut off the dates
  6. added logic for entering dates, if the year entered is less than 70 the year 2000 is added, if the year entered is between 70 and 99 the year 1900 is added.
  7. updated Estonian translation
  8. locales.pl, the code parser now includes private customization files. If a comma is used for a button string it is translated into a proper function now.
  9. added backup option. Backups can be saved to file or sent by email to the email account of the user

Dec. 30, 2001

  1. Version 1.8.1
  2. fixed problem with the lower function on some SQL statements
  3. fixed locales.pl to convert string with commas to proper functions
  4. fixed typo in Dutch_Default-chart.sql
  5. removed single quotes from 'current_date', apparently the latest PostgreSQL 7.2b4 complained about them
  6. fixed rounding error with exchange rates
  7. updated Dutch and Polish translations and templates

Dec. 21, 2001

  1. Version 1.8.0
  2. Foreign Currency support
    enter currency and exchangerate on invoices, orders and transactions
    differences, gains and losses are automatically posted to predefined accounts
    This feature also doubles as a general markup facility
  3. enter multiple payments for transactions and source (check number)
  4. Bin number for parts and assemblies
  5. More access control and stricter password protection
    Protection against malicious people such as disgrantled employees
  6. Customization
    perl code can be plugged in without changing the core
    you can actually build a complete new application using the library functions only
  7. Login option from administration screen to test a login
  8. Stylesheet support
  9. right to left display for Arabic
  10. foreign language support for login and administration screen
  11. included headings for Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  12. Sales and Purchase Orders
    Orders can be printed, e-mailed and converted into invoices
  13. convert Invoices to orders to save time entering repetitive invoices
    also doubles as a recurring invoice facility
  14. easier interface for building assemblies
    add and change items when the assembly is put together
  15. adding new items is now completely transparent and you can add all the details for parts and services from within an invoice and assembly
  16. last customer / vendor
    selection menu is automatically position to the last customer or vendor when creating a new invoice or transaction
    saves time in scrolling huge lists
  17. last cost for service item purchased is now preserved
  18. additional reports for inventory
    check for inventory shortages and which items have been invoiced
  19. better error reporting if DBI and DBD is installed

Older news are in the history file.