Packaging SQL-Ledger

The information contained in this document will help with where to install the various components for SQL-Ledger for a particular distribution. Whatever O/S you use, all the required variables may be specified in a configuration file (sql-ledger.conf). If the configuration file itself should be in some other location two files ( and need a minor change. All the other scripts in the root directory are symlinks, either soft or hard linked, to

SQL-Ledger depends on perl 5+, DBI, DBD-Pg or DBD-Oracle, PostgreSQL 7+ or Oracle. You will also need a web server such as Apache, thttpd, ... LaTeX is optional and only required to create postscript and PDF forms. You'll need latex, dvips and dvipdf.

General steps to consider.

Notes: sql-ledger.conf is for the local configuration. If the file is missing hardcoded defaults will be used instead. To use all the options copy sql-ledger.conf.default to sql-ledger.conf. The users/members.default file is only shipped so tar will create a directory when you unpack the archive. The .default files are not required to run SQL-Ledger.

If there are any other questions in regards to packaging please contact us .