SQL-Ledger Accounting

Dieter Simader SQL-Ledger was started in 1998 to keep track of receivables, payables, taxes and information about parts and contacts. The initial code had more to do with e-commerce and was used to generate web pages, send fax quotations, manipulate about million line item parts inventory and had some very specialized routines for foreign currency transactions. What was just a small application, couple of perl scripts put together, has since grown into a double entry accounting system with more features yet to come.


Luca Venturini Italian chart of accounts, templates and translation.
Paulo Rodrigues Portugese translation. Oracle testing.
Tomas Fencl Czech translation, chart of accounts and templates.
Duco Dokter XML interface to generate reports, invoices, in other formats (PDF, Latex).
Oscar Buijten French chart of accounts, translation.
AJ Hettema Dutch translation.
Jonas Smedegaard Danish and Swedish translation.
Eugenio Segura Spanish translation.
Henrik Pettersson Swedish translation.
Chan, Wai Kin Traditional Chinese translation.
Abdulla Arabic translation.
Martin Lillepuu Estonian translation, Win2K version.
Jacky Fang Traditional Chinese (tw) translation. Also wrote the installation instructions for a Redhat system. See the FAQ for more info.
Antonio A. Gallardo Initial code for trial balance report and Spanish translation.
Adrian Urquhart Bug reports, suggestions for expanding error reporting.
Andre Felipe Machado Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Maria Gabriela Fong Spanish translation.
Keld Jřrn Simonsen Danish translation, chart of accounts and templates.
Sébastien Brassard French translation.
Ferdinand Gassauer KDE tester.
Thomas Bayen code for foreign language support, German translation.
Thomas Good wrote an installation script for version 0.1