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PDF User manual, updates, email and phone support for 1 year.
If you have a question about SQL-Ledger, how to make it work for you and you need an answer from the right source, this is for you. Subscription service, includes email notifications for software and manual updates.
PDF User manual, updates and technical support for 1 year.
If you are modifying SQL-Ledger for yourself or for someone else consider this option. In addition to technical support, we also include sample code for an online ordering system. This shows how you can build a new interface with just a few lines of code.
Development version support for 1 year.
Development and tech support for the latest development and stable version, user support, upgrades, the manual for Version 2.4 and the sample code for the ordering system. If you are developing your own inhouse system and want to use SQL-Ledger as a base and/or are integrating with another system we can make your job easier. You get access to the current development version, which might already contain what you need, and advise on development issues.
Customized screens, templates
If you need a customized screen or template.
per incident user or technical support.
If you need help but do not want to purchase full support.
Data migration from other accounting systems. We import your tab delimited text files into SQL-Ledger tables, includes customers, vendors and parts. $200
Reposting function to organize invoices in sequential order. $320

All prices in US Dollar.

Manual comes in PDF format. The manual is updated when new features are added. We send out notices to all subscribers of user and technical support. Usually there are four updates per year.


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No part of the manual may be reproduced, translated or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically, mechanically, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from the publisher. You may not sub-license, rent or lease but you may transfer on a permanent basis if you retain no copies. You may use, copy and distribute to persons within the organization for which you have obtained a license.

Upgrading support: If you decide to upgrade to a higher level support we'll credit the remainder.

Other support options and customizations available upon request.