Production release
Latest stable production release is SQL-Ledger 2.4.1 (Aug 2, 2020)

Other download sites. [ Arizona ] [ California ] [ Edmonton ] [ Toronto ]

Installation instruction are in the README file.

MD5 (sql-ledger-2.4.1.tar.gz) = e86365d958811042fbb5c99dc01ff02d
setup and download script for SQL-Ledger.
Save setup.txt as in a directory where you want to install SQL-Ledger (i.e. /usr/local/sql-ledger, /opt/sql-ledger) and run from the command (perl line as root or as ordinary user who belongs to the same group as your web server. This utility will download the latest code, check your system, set the proper permissions, create configuration files and reload your webserver.

DO NOT download the tarball and then run The installation script determines a pre-existing installation by looking at what is installed already.

Other platform specific files
precompiled BDI and DBD-Pg (perl 5.6)

unpack the files in the home directory and copy what you need to the right path, which for the DBD component is /Library and /usr

For installation instructions please see the FAQ.

WINDOWS pre-compiled V 0.95
The driver installs only for perl v5.6 If you have 5.8 remove it, install 5.6, install the driver and install 5.8
sql-ledger-2.4.1.tar.gz dereferenced archive.
shebang. script to change the first line of the perl scripts. Right click or hold Shift key to download. Save the script in the sql-ledger root directory and run from the command line (perl shebang). If perl is not in 'c:\perl\bin' change the path in the script!

Please see the FAQ for more installation instructions!

Packaging information to build a package for various platforms.
Language Support
The following languages are supported. User contributed foreign language templates are part of the distribution. The list below shows what is included.

Language Translation HTML
Chart of
British English
100% x Letter English, Default
Canada, General & GIFI
US, General
Catalan 60% - - -
Czech 97% - - Czech Republic, Standard
Danish 98% x A4 Danish, Default
Dutch 98% x x Dutch, Default
Dutch, Standard
Estonian 100% x x -
Finnish 88% - - -
French 98% x A4 France, Standard
Belgium, Standard & GIFI
German 100% x A4 Austria, Standard
Switzerland, Standard
Germany, SKR03, DATEV
Hungarian 98% - - -
Icelandic 88% - - -
Italian 92% x x Italy, Standard & GIFI
Latvian 92% - - Latvia, Standard
Lithuanian 88% - - -
Norwegian 89% x x -
Polish 97% - - Poland, Standard
Portuguese 84% - - -
Brazilian Portuguese 87% - - Brazil, General
Russian 94% - - -
Spanish 96% x A4 / Letter Spain, Standard
Spanish (El Salvador) 94% - A4 / Letter Default
Spanish (Colombia) 99% - A4 / Letter Default
Spanish (Mexico) 93% - A4 / Letter Default
Spanish (Panama) 88% - A4 / Letter Default
Spanish (Venezuela) 100% - A4 / Letter Default
Swedish 88% - - -
Simplified Chinese 87% - - Default
Traditional Chinese 98% - - Default
Turkish 98% - - -
Ukrainian 98% - - -

The templates were provided by users and may not contain all the variables. Use the English version to compare and edit to suit to your needs.

Default - the English sample COA translated into another language
General - a general COA for the country
Standard - the COA is in accordance to the country's standards

Chart of Accounts
The Default Chart of Accounts are samples only! You can modify and add your own chart of accounts. Just copy one of the .sql files in the sql directory. Nameing convention is Description-chart.sql (-chart.sql must be part of the filename)

GIFI (if it exists) is named Description-gifi.sql It provides a linking mechanism to an official chart of accounts issued by your Government to generate financial reports.

Adding a new language
  • Add a country code in locale
  • create the file LANGUAGE and enter the longform of the language i.e German
  • create a symlink to ../de/
  • run perl -a
  • edit the file all
  • rerun perl

    If you would like to make changes to the translations, or submit new templates or chart of accounts contact us.

    1. Web server (Apache, thttpd 2.22+, boa, AOL server, ....)
    2. Perl 5+
    3. SQL Server ( PostgreSQL 7.1+, Oracle 8+, DB2 7.2+ )
    4. Database Independant Interface DBI
    5. Database Driver for SQL server DBD ( DBD-Pg, DBD-Oracle, DBD-DB2 )
    6. LaTeX (optional)
    The required software packages are available in packaged format on most modern distribution.

    Revised: Aug 2, 2020